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About Envigna

At Envigna, we grew up with the internet. We got online officially in 1994 and started building websites with Java applets in 1995. We get the HTTP protocol because we used to build our own webservers - for fun! And because Apache didn't even exist yet!

So when we think about problems, the depth of experience goes way back. Our solutions may not always be on the cutting edge - often because it's not the right solution for our clients - but you can expect that they will always work well and be sound. As a client, you will get the full benefit of two decades of online experience. When we recommend a solution, it's because it works.

Built to Last

Envigna is small and nimble. But it is also built to weather the ups and downs of an industry that has been through a tremendous amount of change, both good and bad. When you need a partner who will be there in five years, ten years, and beyond...take a look around and see who will give you that commitment. By keeping our business simple, we ensure that we can continue to serve our clients now and well into the future. Our overhead is low, our staff can vary, but the core team and commitment to quality is unwavering.

Yes, We Are Different

If you are looking for just another web design firm, you may need to look elsewhere. We are not trying to be like the rest. We expect more from ourselves and we seek out discerning clients. Clients who want speed, flexibility, thoughtfulness, diligence, and solid delivery. If you also value these qualities, you may enjoy working with us. And we may enjoy working with you.

Projects Are Short, Careers Are Long

We learned long ago, that 'winning a project' is a very short-term outlook in this business. Many interactive firms churn through clients by overpromising and underdelivering. It's almost an epidemic in this industry, but no one is really talking about it since there are many choices. You do have many choices. But finding a good interactive agency is quite challenging. We have clients now that we had the first day we opened our business - and many of them were clients even before that. We believe that doing the right thing for our clients is more important than any short-term concerns. Yes, we are a business. So we need to work together to make sure we both benefit from the relationship.

Our Leadership

Our owner and lead strategist, Sterling Vernon, has a background in traditional fine art, engineering, and computer science. That combination of focal points used to sound strange, but he knew the ability to both design and build solutions would always be important, no matter the medium. Design is, in fact, increasingly more important as manufacturing abilities have increased and the true differentiator is the user experience and brand. Sterling worked for a large technology consulting firm in Boston for a total of 8 years and also co-founded Dakasa, a design and technology consultancy in Boston, before creating Envigna. Sterling loves working with clients and solving problems. And he loves creating teams who can create solutions that are bigger in scope.

Should you need a stable, solid agency to aid your online marketing efforts, we hope you will contact us at Envigna. Thank you.

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